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Fannish Top Fives

Here are my responses to the Fannish Top Five meme.

chocolate_frapp requested
Five favorite RSL moments!

1. I'm on SPEED!
2. Dressing for the "last dance" in Swing Kids
3. Voice break during "this stupid screwed up friendship."
3. Reading from Long Day's Journey Into Night on "American Masters: Eugene O'Neill"
4. Scene with Foreman in Deception. "It's very ancient Rome: you'll need a toga, and of course, a sword."


lillithisbitter requested Top five onscreen deaths.

1. Sonny Corleone-The Godfather
2. Kate-NCIS
3. Tosh-Torchwood
4. Blackadder et al-Blackadder Goes Forth--I know it's not exactly on screen, so I'm cheating.
5. And one book. Again not "on screen" but certainly "on page" and very memorable because of what comes immediately afterwards: Dr. Charlotte Manning in I, The Jury.

vanillafluffy requested Top five double-takes. Some of these may not be "classic" double takes, but they're as close as I can get.

1. House MD-All In-The "Bertie" double take when House sees Cameron in the red dress.
2. The double takes done by the entire cast of "Evil Under The Sun" (including Peter Ustinov, James Mason and Roddy McDowell) when Jane Birken comes down the stairs dressed up and looking gorgeous to a big brassy arrangement of "Just One Of Those Things."
3. Double take and look to the camera that Cary Grant does in "To Catch a Thief" just before going into an elevator with Grace Kelly.
4. Torchwood-Jack's reaction shot to Gwen and Carys snogging in the cell.
5. House MD-Distractions-various cast reaction shots to House "getting a massage."


hansolo5 requested Top Five male couples (both real and fictional).

1. Holmes and Watson
2. House and Wilson
3. John Barrowman and Scott Gill
4. Martin & Lewis
5. Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry

She also asked me about "Top Romantic Getaways" and I wussed out and said that anywhere you go with someone you love can be romantic and that there's nothing worse than being in a place that's supposed to be romantic and feeling like shit because you're not being romantic there.

(For example, my 2006 trip to Maui was less than romantic, because hubby had bronchitus through quite a bit of it.)

joanne_c requested:

A.The top five pairings (threesomes included) who have not worked together who you'd like to see in something together.

1. John Barrowman & John Hannah, just for the accent porn. Throw in David Tennant (even though he's worked with Barrowman already) and my ovaries would totally explode from Scottish awesomeness.
2. John Barrowman and Cliff Richard for a recording session. Maybe a new version of "All I Ask of You?"
3. Hugh Laurie and John Simm-Because it would be soooooo cool.
4. Sam Neill and Clive Owen (I know we both love Timothy Dalton) but I still dream of Sam's possible Bond circa mid-eighties or Clive instead of Daniel Craig. So put the two of them together in their own spy-drama.
5. John Barrowman and Robbie Williams...just because. I mean they're already at one degree of separation since Gary Barlow co-wrote "What About Us" for John.

B.top five dream actual crossovers (as in you'd like to see them on screen not just in fic) - possible or not for whatever reason.
1. Torchwood/Warehouse 13-Jack comes to Artie asking to use the Warehouse as a new homebase for Torchwood. Artie maybe one of the few on the planet who can resist Jack, but I know Claudia will be agog, and things can go from there.
2.House MD/Star Trek (Reboot)-I know there are problems with House being Star Trek aware, but I just need to see House and Nu-Bones get into a medical Snark-down with each other.
3.Dr. Who/30 Rock-Liz Lemond would make an awesome companion for at least one trip.
4. Twilight/Forever Knight-LaCroix needs to show these "sparkly" vampires how it's really done. I have NO IDEA how'd you'd combine the two mythologies, but I do know who'd be the last vamp standing.
5. The Rachel Maddow Show/Heroes-Rachel interviews Senator Petrelli about Health Care Reform.

Last minute request from hllangel
Top Five John moments. Singing, acting, TW/DW, doesn't matter. Your five
favorite things that John Barrowman has done.

1. The Empty Child-Scene w/ Jack/Rose dancing on top of the ship.
2. Ghost Machine-Gun Scene
3. Buzzcocks-The Gay-off
4. Spartan groping
5. The entire "Swings Cole Porter" album, especially Cest Ce Lamour.

Late request
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