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Two House MD drabbles for savemoony

In the course of our rather impassioned discussion of "Top Secret," the lovely savemoony provided me with screencaps of a moment in the episode that caught my eye and I offered a drabble in return.

Request #1-Chase/Wilson sounds rather de-lovely right now. Something psychologically twisted and dark…

Twisted and dark, coming right up.

I'm putting this one behind the cut because it's 3rd season spoilery if you're not up to date.

Title: Sloppy Seconds
Rating: Nasty

Wilson finds Chase most desirable after he’s been with Cameron. He’s not sure he would have even looked twice if he hadn’t seen the bruise on Chase’s lip and gotten House’s salacious account of the drug-fuelled encounter.

Now that Chase is fucking her on a regular basis, Wilson can’t seem to stay away. He trails Chase around the halls, looking for lipstick traces and hickeys, waiting for the chance to push him up against a convenient wall and taste Cameron on his tongue.

House would call it sloppy seconds; Wilson thinks of it as two for the price of one.

Request #2
challenge” – a drabble where (1) House respects Wilson (2) Wilson isn’t a “woman” (3) in-character (4) no sex (5) not fluffy or sappy or happy (6) AND they can’t be drinking beers in House’s apartment. ;) Go on and defy that fanon.

I think I managed to pull this off in 100 words with no spoilers.

Title: Respect
Wordcount: 100
Rating: G

Wilson makes it look easy.

He doles out death sentences as though they were invitations to an exclusive party and patients thank him. Cuddy gives him everything he wants for his budget and more. Any nurse with a sad story can leave her tears on his sympathetic shoulder, so he gets more action than he’ll ever admit to. He treats clinic patients like human beings instead of the idiots they are.

Only House knows exactly what it costs Wilson to be the nice one while House speaks his mind and gets called an ass.

He wouldn’t trade places for anything.

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