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New Barrowmania conversion under way!

The power of the Birmingham Bull has worked its magic. I honestly didn't see where I would have a opening to introduce the topic, but she noticed the postcards I have tacked up on my side of the office, one of which is the Bullring, Birmingham. She asked me about it, at which point I was able to launch into my tale of Birmingham and London complete with visual aids including my two signed pictures of John and my on-line pix from the Squeeeeeeee Odyssey. She is now quite intrigued, and thinks John is "very cute." Luckily I had the photo meme close at hand as well, so I could do a very quick introduction of John in all his yumminess, including Naked!Jack.

Tomorrow I will bring in my copy of Putting It Together and maybe one or two of my John CD's to lend her.
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