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On the other hand...

It was good to see Keith back on the desk last night.

I was worried the week off meant bad news about his dad, but he seemed really energetic and happy last night, so I'm assuming that's not the case. I'm happy to see him back because I was getting a bit tired of Lawrence "Granite Head" O'Donnell. He's right politically, but just not a good fit for the hosting job. I wonder why they didn't get Kermit (David Schuster) or bring in Wolfie or somebody else. For a while I felt like O'Donnell was staging some kind of coup.

Anyway Keith was back and revved up. I was screaming "Get a room!" at the end of the Michael Moore interview. Nah, it's not a shippy thing, but they were just "OMG YOU'RE SO WONDERFUL AND I ADMIRE YOU SO MUCH."

The same thing pretty much happened with Rachel and Ken Burns during the Burns interview promoting the National Parks documentary, which looks truly awesome.

Tonight I finally get to see the Heroes season premier. YAY!
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