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I need fic recs for hubby-Discworld Universe

Hubby is on the verge of finishing his reading of the Discworld novels. He's only got about three left. (You can tell what he did during his recent convalescence.) He's really bummed about reaching the end. I advised him that fanfic is one way to draw out the experience and that despite what he often hears me ranting about, there is excellent work being done in fanfiction.

Here is what he's looking for.
Anything about The Watch or Death or The Witches.
He's NOT looking for smut. Gen fic only, please.
I said that Yuletide would be a fertile ground, but since I'm not familiar with the canon, I honestly don't know what to pick from there.

If you've got any recs from LJ, FF.NET, Yuletide or any other archives or sites, please post links here.

Thanks much!
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