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Heroes Babble Returns! Orientation

Oh, Heroes, HOW I LOVE YOU!!!!

What is it about this fucking show? If two people are in a single frame for more than two seconds, I pretty much start shipping them:

Nathan/Angela (and way to be Ms. Inappropriate there, Angela) Noah/Peter, Noah/Danko, Noah/Claire (yeah, I know), Noah/Tracy (sorry, candesgirl), Peter/Random EMT guy, Sylar/Matt, and Matt/Water Guy. Not so much on the Hiro/Ando, side of things. Somehow the only ones I ship there are Hiro/Nathan going back to Hiro's "flying man" crush on Nathan. I like that Ando's getting some action, but so far I'm not impressed with Hiro's sister as a character. Let's not forget Claire/Gretchen. Let's see if she survives the season.

Oh Janis, you are such a slut. The water guy? Really? Even if she wasn't...I got the feeling she would have at least considered it.

So far the whole "carny" thing is a little too Carnivale for me and I'm waiting for Jonesy and the Professor to show up.

Good-bye Danko. Željko Ivanek had a great few last scenes. Such a good actor. It still bugs me how badly wasted he was in his House episode.

I'm absolutely LOVING Peter back to being a paramedic and Nathan wigging out about his "powers." I adore Sylar in Matt's brain. ZQ seems to be having a lot of fun, and the writers are having fun with him. The recovery group scene was PRICELESS!!!

A whole summer of my f-list being in a near constant state of Quinto lust seems to have rubbed off on me a bit, as Sylar is a lot more appealing to me than he was at the end of last season. Either that or he's just more fun to watch in these scenes and that's making him more attractive. He's still not quite up with Jack Coleman and Adrian Pasdar on the list of Heroes cast-members I'd like to do, but he's making progress.

I also give the writers major kudos for finding a way to keep both Sylar and Nathan on the screen at the same time. Brilliant.

All we need is a bit more cast integration and a little less WTF about the compass and I'll be perfectly happy, but as it is, major smiles. I think I managed to get through the whole episode without a single STFU, except maybe for Claire's annoying roommate, but luckily the writers seemed to agree with me about her.

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