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A hearty FUCK YOU to Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings.

I thought I was done with this crapola when he left the Packers. Blech, blech and more blech.

At the end of the game, it was hard to tell if the screaming was coming from the bars where people were watching or from the whipping booths at the Folsom Street Fair.

Happy Folsom to all my leather friends, who hopefully are not overheating or getting interesting sunburns as a result of wearing those chaps with nothing underneath.

I've heard rumors of people dressing up as Torchwood characters for Folsom...this seems silly and un-Folsom like. You just put on your leather - or other fetish gear - and go. Being a specific character...even that's your fetish...not so much. Save it for Wondercon. Especially since the weather will be considerably cooler then. I also fear that they might go mostly unrecognized. I think that TPTB, especially BBCA didn't do nearly enough to promote the show to the gay community, especially during the big push of publicity prior to the 1st series being shown on BBCA or even the build-up to the second series. Nothing in any of the bar-rags or anything. No Torchwood nights at The Midnight Sun.

I'll be meeting a bunch of them up at the Mint in a little while. Gotta remember to bring the camera. David O in leather is always hot. Also hope to confer with Giovanni about our shared b-day celebration. Since we're October 23 (me) and 25 (him) we're going to do a joint party at the Mint on Sunday the 25th. Look out for a fabulous duet of "It's My Party."

The bad news about the heat, aside from the heat itself is the pollen, and not sex pollen either. Regular old pollen that has nothing better to do than make a bee-line for my nose and cause me to sneeze and sniffle as badly as when I'm exposed to Sebastian's feline balls of allergen.
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