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Warehouse 13-MacPherson

Well that was all sorts of yummy, including a twist that I didn't see coming. Leena, you naughty girl. I was thrilled that MacPherson got away because I am so loving Roger Rees in this part, and I'm still hoping he can be redeemed just enough to stick around. I'm still shipping Artie/Claudia, but obviously some Artie/MacPherson hate!sex wouldn't go awry at all, because there's just too much anger for it not have happened in the past.

I haven't been all that gaga for the whole series, but I'd definitely come back for the next season to find out what happens.



Seriously. It was like he was channeling the worse of Mohinder's voice-overs for the whole fucking episode, and the only reason to do it was because they didn't have enough actual plot for an hour episode. Polk is good, then he's bad, but we can't let the bad guy shoot him anyway. The end. WHATEVER!!! All the love in this one goes to the supporting cast. Larry was adorable, although he was damn close to earning a STFU for his raspberry fetish. Alan rocks, although why the hell was he butting his nose into David's business? That was just WTF.

I'm glad to see Don growing out his hair, but I'm annoyed that I noticed because there was nothing else of interest to watch him do in this episode. He's going off on his his little emo tangent and I'm wondering if it's going to reach Fleischman pseudo-mullet porportions.

In fact, if both Don and Charlie are going to spend the whole season navel-gazing, without showing us the actual navels, I'm going to have a hard time giving a damn.


I'm pretty much only watching this show to keep up with the fandom, and because Hubby is into it. Pretty much the only thing I can say I unequivocally love is Jane Lynch. She fucking Rocks! Plus a bit of squeeee for Stephen Tobolowsky, because he's always awesome. Those two characters get to be quirky and do things out of left field, so those scenes are more watchable.

I'm generally not caring about the characters or their soap-opera plot dramas and nothing interests me less than pregnancy plots and baby-switch schemes. If I wanted that I'd still be watching All My Children, General Hospital, One Life to Live etc.

Was there ever any doubt that Kurt would kick the winning field goal and make his father proud?
In spite of the obvious manipulation, the coming out scene was moving, with trite writing redeemed by the actors. The kid who plays Kurt is amazing and I'm actually hoping we see more of his dad.

I'm not on any ship bandwagons right now, especially not the Kurt/Anybody bandwagon and super especially not the Kurt/Puck bandwagon. That can only end badly and in a ugly kind of badly.

Bones-The Bond in the Boot

That was so forgettable, I was just about to hit "post" before I remembered I'd watched it--last night--and should probably say something.

Was I really supposed to believe that the gang had gotten that attached to one particular intern during the "revolving intern" series, and this it was this one? Cause I didn't. I was still rooting for "emo guy." I liked him way better. And once they'd decided they did want him, was there ever a doubt that SOMEHOW the money would appear?

I love this show because I don't get emotionally invested and let the dumb stuff slide off me, but this episode was barely there at all.

We REALLY need Gordon back. Like now.
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