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House babble for Epic Fail

I'm doing the happy dance kiddies! We had a great House Party, although hllangel was unable to attend. :(

Wow! I don't see how they could get any closer to making House/Wilson canon than that without as House said, "unzipping". They're living together, but it's a one bedroom? Wilson walks into the kitchen with sex hair? House is feeding Wilson and doing his laundry. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that they're having sex and that we're supposed to think they are. Or at least Sara Hess and Liz Friedman are giving the shippers everything they can get away short of the unzipping. And yeah, my tin-hat shippy self is happy about that.

But my anti-fluff, angst-bunny self is happy too. One fluffy scene at the cooking class (BALLS!) and then one at home, but then...ANGST!!! Because "cooking" doesn't make House happy. Not for long anyway. House accuses Wilson of banging secretaries, and immediately starts scamming him. Wilson doesn't trust House and tests his urine and goes running to Cuddy. All of my "they will always hurt each other" buttons were there to be pushed as well. There's a spoiler about Wilson having a "Life-changing secret." Either he's coming out or he's getting married again and I don't think they'll let him come out.

My very bad self was kind of hoping House would go back to the pills even though I knew it wouldn't happen that soon. I didn't see the twist coming. I thought Foreman would have to call him for help and he'd end up solving the case that way. And I can't wait till next week FCC are back.

I didn't have my first "STFU TAUB" until the 25 minute mark, but if he's really most sincerely gone, I won't be sad. You guys know how I feel about the newbies and if I've gotten rid of two of them, that's a victory for me on a par with what happened in CoE. But if he is gone, he sure didn't get much of a goodbye.

Random fun stuff: Liked the patient, even if he was a jerk. Liked Chase and Foreman in the elevator. LOVED Cuddy's reaction to Wilson's "I broke my toilet." Her timing on "I'll get my tools." was awesome. Liked Foreman and Cameron. I even kind of (god help me) liked House and 13, and the line about "Daddy's little co-dependent has grown up." The computer game stuff was creative and fun, especially Taub and 13.

But Foreman????!!!! DUDE!!! I mean, we already knew from Deception and his interactions with the Newbies that he can't run the department. That he has no managerial people skills. I felt bad for Omar, but Foreman was such a fucking jerk it was painful to watch. And I'm sorry, Olivia and Omar are a chemistry free zone. I had to avert my eyes during the kissing it was so painful.

Also...some of those close ups of Lisa E. were seriously unflattering.

So does anybody know what's coming up aside the BIG SPOILER about a character leaving?

Does 13 stay fired? Is Taub out of my life, or does he come scurrying back as soon as House is back? Either way, we're on a roll people. Two good House weeks in a row. I know I've been saying it sporadically for three years, but once again, I feel like we're getting our show back.

Now if Hugh would just grow back his hair, my joy would be complete.

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