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Friday randomness

Still up in the air as to whether we're going to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass on both Saturday and Sunday, or just one. Hubby has some Zen Center stuff he might do tomorrow instead. I'm still very gung-ho on going Sunday as I have got to see Marianne Faithful. I also want to try and meet up with my former co-worker Dianna who is going to be there with her boyfriend. Other possibility is to meet them downtown for dinner on Saturday.



Val Diamond, the heart and hat of "Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon," has left the show permanently, producer Jo Schuman Silver told The Chronicle on Thursday, after informing the cast the night before.

If you're a San Franciscan, or a visitor who's ever been lucky enough to see Beach Blanket Babylon, that is like...WOW!!! And a bummer. I haven't been in several years because it's gotten so expensive, but I still think it's an UR-San Francisco experience and without Val, it's not the same.


This is a week old, but I did finish reading The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs.

I went through it much faster than The Know It All and as some of you had mentioned to me it was a much more emotionally engrossing and compelling read with a lot of twists.

I'm going to try and get hold of A.J.'s latest book The Guinea Pig Diaries over the weekend, but I'm also going to start reading The Fortune Cookie Chronicles-Adventures In The World of Chinese Food by Jennifer 8 Lee. (Yes, her middle name is 8.)


Chicago isn't getting the Olympics. This sucks, not because I'm particularly invested in Chicago, or the Olympics, but because the President went and lobbied for it and I'm sure the gang at Fixed Noise et al is already dancing and braying about it as a symbol of "weakness" or something else they can use to pillory him with. BASTARDS!


Come As You're Not gets harder (for me) every year. I know last year's story was controversial in some quarters. I don't think it was a bad story and it was certainly outside my comfort zone, but I'm not sure it was completely successful in Coming As I'm Not, because it didn't vary from my usual style or greatly vary from my usual vision of the characters themselves. At least when I wrote Pictures At An Exhibition, I managed to write H/W fluff and and eradicate every shred of angst that tried to impose itself on the fic. This year I'm working in the TW verse again, and running into similar problems as last year. (No torture this year, I promise.) Thank god, I have filthgoblin wielding the beta-whip on me. (OK, no torture in the story.)

So if anyone is struggling with their Halloween fics right now...believe me, you have my full sympathy. Come on over for a group hug.

Walked to work every day this week. Front door to Walgreen's (where I buy Odwalla Shake/Cheese/Fruit) time down to just over an hour. Will try for a long run this weekend. Food in pretty good shape.


Keith seems to be reallyreally back. And he is on FUCKING FIRE. Both him and Rachel seem to have taken a pair of gloves off that I didn't even know were on...also is it me, but are we suddenly getting a lot of Yiddish? Rachel used both chutzpah and shtupping this week and Keith actually called Rush Limbaugh a schmuck. AWESOME!
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