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Losses, previews, etc.

Goodbye Platanos

Platanos, on the corner of 18th and Guerrero has been our go-to brunch place for over a year now. Convenient. Reasonable. Yummy. And we could ALWAYS get a seat, while the idiots stood in line accross the street at Tartine Bakery.

You may remember two weeks ago, we went to Maverick, home of the "what kind of water can I get you started with" incident. Apparently our one week defection was enough to kill Platanos as when we went back for brunch a week ago, there was a sign saying it was permanently closed.


Goodbye Crocs (at work anyway)

Rememeber the whole bit about my work appearance going to the dogs? Well I was trying to be good, but I wore the Crocs around the office once too often and Donna, who works for the Law Firm and is all about presentation must have noticed.

I got an email from Bubbles asking if I had a copy of the Law Firm's dress code. She got an email from Donna saying they needed to discuss "attire." I pretty much knew what was up, but Bubbles thought it might have something to do with Lucy's subtle nose stud. Nope. It was my Crocs. No more Crocs at the office.

For those who haven't seen them, they look like this, although mine are green:

Stairwell Sisters at the Riptide

Way out there in the Avenues. 47th & Taraval, near the ocean. It was a very informal gig. I think they were only playing for tips and just doing the show so that the fill-in dobro player could learn all the songs before they go on a short tour to New Mexico and Colorado. It was also a birthday party for Stephanie, the fiddler, including a very tasty cake.

The whole band wore wigs and costumes. Members of the group were cracking up in the middle of songs. Sometimes it took two or three starts to get a song going.

And just to make it super weird, or weirder, I looked up at the tv set over the bar and they were showing one of the worst movies ever made: "White Comanche". I saw Billy Boy with his bare chest and face paint and recognized it instantly. Shudder. Even without sound, one of the great stinkeroos of all time.

Posting crack!fic tonight.

I'm telling you people, smoke this thing and you'll be high for a week.
House/Wilson/Cuddy/baby/nanny. Need I say more?


There will also be mood!fic.
Eeeeevil, meta, bitchy, cunty, written out of gut-wrenching, self-inflicted pain, mood!fic.
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