karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

I've been here less than an hour and I'm ready to leave.

I hit the gym and did 1/2 hour on the treadmill. Good sweat but not much in the speed department.

Since I've been here,(as in the Desk of Doom) I've gotten the following calls/emails:

1. Client got to hotel in Madrid and they had no reservation for him, even though I clearly had a confirmation through my computer.

2. Client got to Dulles airport and the limo I booked for him did not show up and they said they weren't advised of the change in flight time. (Same client had trouble checking in on his flight this am. I think this is a secure flight information problem.)

3. Email from client who's flight I canceled, that he got an email from United saying they were charging him for the flight. This is especially weird because the ticket was issued on the company card.

4. Bubbles wants me to check on a snap code for Virgin America. I'm not in the mood.

Can I go home now?
Tags: bitching, desk of doom, whinging, whining, work

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