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Housebabble for The Tyrant

House Party attended by michelleann68 and hllangel


Kudos to Jesse, Jennifer and Omar.

Did anybody really miss Taub or Kutner in that mix? Really?

I'm so impressed with how everybody managed to step up to the plate. Yes, even when Foreman was being a total dick (and he was) we knew where he was coming from. We've been through the journey with him. Cameron and Chase, maybe for the first time, actually make me believe they were a couple who loved each other. I think (could be wrong)it's the first time he called her Alison, not counting the time she read the book and they doing it to take the piss out of her.

And OH MY GOD....half nekkid Jesse. YUM. YUM. YUM. Get me one for Christmas mommy.

My biggest complaints---you know I had to have some---are the fact that large bits of Cameron's story were retconned. They shouted out to treating the convict in Acceptance, but didn't mention that Cameron had big damn issues about treating him, and spent the whole episode fussing over "Cindy Lou Who." Much more important, while raising issues of what a doctor's moral obligation and about when it might be acceptable to kill a patient....it really seemed like they were completely over-looking one very DEAD doctor named Ezra Powell.

Which is too bad, because I think that was one of Cameron's best episodes. In fact the whole, "you have to choose a side" spiel could have come right out of there. I realize this is a different situation, but I feel like two seconds to acknowledge that Cameron knows what it means to take a life would have added a lot of depth.

That said...OH CHASE!!! I really have no words for how good Jesse and also Omar were in that those last scenes.

House/Wilson/Amputee...That guy was giving me such a Tritter vibe-not even funny. And I wanted House to revert a bit and pull some shit. Which he did, but in a "positive" way. Kind of. (Everyone at the House Party was "scream" OMG-DEXTER MOVE!!!)

This week I gotta agree with folks who have been saying that the "Roomies" situation is not actually beefing up the slash. Last week I was convinced they were fucking each other and that TPTB wanted me to think that. This week, it was more the old married couple who haven't touched each other in years. The body language on the couch reminded me of a scene in a certain warehouse between two people with no chemistry whatsoever. The only really good scene was where Wilson was willing to throw him out. That had nice angst and pain and how could you Wilson.

In fact, I felt Wilson was earning a few STFUs of his own for wanting House to be "nice."

On the 13 front. Sigh. When I saw the tummy touch in her first scene, I thought it was a medical anvil. Instead we had a whole episode with no mention of Huntington's or bisexuality. I think the only gay joke was "Home in time to watch Ellen."

And thank god that House was still being a prick to Foreman. And making cute faces. And playing games. And telling Cameron to spread her legs. Writing Lymphoma on the curtain slats...reminded me of the game in "Whack-a-Mole." I didn't really care about the diagnosis, but every differential scene made me warm and fuzzy with nostalgia.

TPTB are doing quite a job in lining up heavy-hitting African American actors. Any chance we'll get Yaphet Kotto before the season is over?

I'm sure we're going to 13 back at some point, but if we're reallyreally done with Taub, I still claim victory over two out of three. (Sorry, Peter Jacobsen. Get a nice snarky role on any other show, and I promise I won't hate on you.)

I think we can safely say there was no "John Barrowman" part in that.
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