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I didn't get to see Marianne Faithful at Hardly Strictly

Because we went up on Saturday, and I had seriously forgotten how exhausting and overwhelming that thing can be. It gets bigger every year. In some ways it's awesome that so much great music is presented for free and it's handled as smoothly as it is. But it's still a zoo.

We got there at about 10:30AM and set ourselves up at the "Porch Stage" so we could see The Wronglers play the opening set. (That meant I missed Marshall Crenshaw on a different stage.) The Wronglers is Warren Hellman's group. Warren for those who don't know is the Richie Rich who puts up his own money for the whole shebang every year.

After that we saw Abalone Dots, a group from Sweden. A group of very cute girls from Sweden. Hubby was not that impressed by their musicianship and was especially disappointed in the nyckelharpa, a Swedish instrument he'd been looking foward to.

Next came The Barefoot Nellies, another all girl group, who played some awesome kick-ass bluegrass.

I did get some work done on my 2nd Come As You're Not fic and somewhere along the line I managed to break my glasses. (Luckily they're under warranty with Site For Sore Eyes. I'll have a new pair by Friday.)

Then we made a big mistake, which was moving. Really. The ONLY way to do Hardly Strictly is to set up a "base-camp" at one stage and one person has to stay there to protect the territory at all times. We tried to go to the Banjo Stage, which is the BIG STAR stage, to see Steve Martin (yeah, the Steve Martin) playing banjo. But it was way too crowded to get anywhere's near. Instead we headed over to (I think) the Rooster Stage and managed to take a corner of someone else's tarp long enough to see Boz Scaggs. He had an amazing line up with him, including Nick Lowe (I LOVE NICK LOWE), Austin Delone, James Cotten and a bunch of others. They did a great blues set.

By then we'd been through arctic winds and blazing heat and hubby wanted to get out. (Which meant we weren't waiting to see Richie Havens) We came out of the Part around 35th Ave and managed to get a cab downtown to the Metreon, where we saw The Invention of Lying. I won't spoil anything except to say, I love Ricky Gervais, even I've never been able to enjoy The Office or Extras. This was a great premise, brilliantly carried out. Rob Lowe was awesome, but his five o'clock shadow was amazingly skanky looking, fitting his character perfectly. Jennifer Garner did a great job with a less than sympathetic role, but I'm concerned about the condition of her lips.

We finished up by having dinner at Mel's Diner. What can I say? The Meat Loaf dinner, totally hit the spot. :) While we were eating we saw all the people streaming by from the Love Evolution. Most of them girls in very short skirts. Hubby was quite interested.

Came home, watched some tv, but the next morning, we decided we were both too beat to face it all over again, even for Marianne.

Instead we chilled out with "National Parks" and I went up to the Mint around 430PM, which was cool because the semi-finals for the Karaoke Entertainer of the Year were almost over, except for "Top 40" and they needed extra people. I placed 5th out of 6th, even though I honestly think I should have come up one better than that. I sang "Millennium" and I got beat by a Madonna song. (Yanni was impressed, so NYEH!) BUT....JIM, who placed 4th, making him the alternate, might in Hawaii the week of the finals, which means if one of the top three doesn't make it, I might get to go in and win the whole thing. Yeah. Right.

Anyway, I did one other song (Take That's version of Could It Be Magic) before coming home and cooking for hubby.
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