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Voting Is Open At Children of Time

Please take a few minutes and vote!

yuletide will be starting up again soon. Join now to be a part of the fandom nomination process and to be aware of sign-ups! (I'd suggest joining yuletide_admin as well, to make sure you don't miss any announcements.)


Apology---I haven't been able to read a lot of fic lately. The Novel, Come As You're Not, K-Gal's House of Beta, and This Thing We Call Life have been taking up a lot of time. The "Fic to Read" list is growing rather unwieldy.

So, let me pimp someone else's pimping. topaz_eyes has updated and posted her AMAZING list of House MD fic recs CHECK IT OUT! It covers a multiplicity of pairings, including threesomes, including both het and slash pairings, and to be honest her taste is far more catholic than mine. You'll find fluff as well as angst here and every shading in between. She's clearly read and thought through every choice on the list, so even if they aren't all the same fics I'd necessarily read myself, I doubt there's a clunker to be found. The listing goes back to nearly the beginning of the fandom so if you're a newer Housefrau, it's a chance to pick up on some of the classics you might have missed, and since it's up-to-date, it also has some newer fics that might have been overlooked. Either way, it's a fabulous resource, and I highly recommend taking a look.


And a few House-fics that I have read lately:

The Twilight Zone by daasgrrl

This may be a second pimpage of this piece of mind-boggling crackfic. Sievebrain and lack of intelligent tagging are letting me down. Either way, if you haven't read it...and you have a taste for H/W AU crack with pitch perfect House and Wilson...I suggest you click immediately, even if you need to have a shot of brain bleach nearby. (It's even MORE relevant since we now have confirmation that Wilson is apparently a devotee of some Vampire fic.)

In a different (ahem) vein, Like This by californiaquail. DARK FIC, with references to amputation. A perfect little shot of fodder for my angst addict self. Absolutely, delightfully brutal.


Harry Potter

Alone, The Dreaming by sarahetc. A very sweet, sad fic about Severus and Lily, from Minerva's point of view. I'm not a hard-core HP fan, but I really enjoyed this story. *Hugs Snape*

YAY for use of Song Lyric Prompt
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