karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Another fabulous San Fran week-up coming up:

Fleet Week---Hellllloooooo Sailors!

Columbus Day a/k/a Italian Heritage Day

And what will I be doing? Cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning. It's a good thing beta_goddess is coming because the situation was dire even before the 2nd accident and since then it's gotten so alarming I actually had a dream where we got evicted and they were basically shoveling all our stuff out of the apartment. (This is sort of a flash-back to my adolescences, when we lived in fear of the land-lord actually seeing the condition of the place.)

I also need to get the goddess nails filled at and hopefully put in some writing time. (The song/story meme fics will all be done, I promise.)

But seriously. Scrubbing. Mopping. Scraping. And getting SHIT OUT OF THE HOUSE. This will also mean doping up on Benedryl because the dust and the cleansers are going to do a number on the old upper respiratory system.
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