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And other random stuff: WARNING POLITICS AHEAD

Congratulations and Jubilations to President Barack Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize!

Happy Birthday to John Lennon. I know he might have believed in "above us only sky," but if there's a place for the good people to go where everybody gets a mansion and all the ice cream you can eat, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume he's there. (Hopefully jamming with George.)

Not like everybody's got oodles of money to throw around right now, but if you want to make a good (tax-deductible) donation:

National Association of Free Clinics

This ties into Keith Olbermann's special comment on Health Care. The idea is to help provide health-care to those who desperately need it AND make a political point as well.

Would you believe I actually got a call from the DNC asking me for money last night, while I was watching Keith? I gave them some, but first I got up in their face about how the party needs to whole-heartedly support the public option, and THEN I lectured the poor guy (who probably thought he could just read the script and get the $$$) about ACORN and the campaign against and how the Party needed to grow a pair and stand up against this BS. He didn't know who Rachel was, on the excuse that he didn't have cable. I spelled her name for him and told him to start down-loading the pod-casts. He said he would educate himself about the issue. I said he had to if he was going to do this kind of work because this is what the party needs to know about.

Then I gave him the money. Cause I'm that kind of a gal.
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