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Happy House Day

Weekend report...I cleaned. A lot. Both the kitchen and bathroom are much, much, much better. I wish I could explain how things got that bad, but really I just hate cleaning. I really do. The kitchen I can somewhat blame on hubby to the extent that he grinds his own coffee beans so there's a fine soot of coffee dust that settles over everything. Not to mention the sticky residue from a period when he was also roasting the beans. But really...I'm just lazy. And we have few enough guests that I can get away with it most of the time.

As for hubby's domain, the dismantling of the couch/coffeetable clutter continues, but is a work in progress.

Here come the fly-by-night, weekend Tivo watching reports, but I didn't see Glee. Since I've stated that I didn't think much of it, Hubby thought he was doing me a favor by watching without me. He doesn't get the whole "Watch so you can keep up with the fandom" thing. Anyone want to give me a quickie run-down, or should I just wait for TWOP?

We seem to have given up on CSI-NY, by the way. I don't really miss it, which is too bad, considering how invest I was in the Mac/Danny slash for awhile.

Heroes-OMG!!! Noah in a t-shirt. SEXYSEXYSEXY. And Noah/Claire fodder for those of use who see it, not to mention Noah/Peter, which is not a pairing I ever planned to ship, but...damn. And of course the minute Peter and Nathan are back onscreen together you can't NOT see the Petrellicest. Oh Nathan...why is that everytime you think you're doing the "right thing" someone gets hurt and it's usually you? Why do I STILL not care about the carnival people...any of them?

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy. I'm sorry honey, you got your "job" back by acting/looking like a whore, so don't get all uppity when your boss treats you like...a whore. (No, I don't think I'm a misogynist for saying that. If Noah put on his black-tee and a pair of nice form-fitting jeans to get a gig, I'd call him a whore too. In between drooling and purring over him.)

And about this Tracy/Noah thing, and NO! I'm not going to use a smushname...I'm not feeling it. Not sure if it's Ali's acting or Tracy's non-appeal, but I just don't feel it. I thought they were cute in the dressing room scene from last year, but if they try to sell this as something serious, I'm going to gag a little. I'm sure Jack Coleman can sell it, but so far it's not working for me. Although I'd love it if Claire got wind and get very jealous of daddy getting a little.


Numb3rs-OK, that was a big, depressing, WTF? I was totally with Charlie as far as, hey Larry, you said you were leaving. How can I miss you if you won't stay away. And I love Larry, but the emo-angst plots for Charlie/Don/Larry and even a bit of Alan is getting on my last good nerve, especially with such an ugly, gross-out plot. What did someone spend the weekend watching the Deer Hunter and think this was a good idea? Leaving us with the slash-fest of David and Colby and the most blatant attempt to shore up a character's heterosexuality that I have ever seen in my life. Worst that last season's OOC Inara-schtup. It's insane because right now David and Colby are hitting House/Wilson level PINGS on the Slash-dar at Chez K-gal's apartment. Even Hubby agreed.

Bones-That was awesome! A nice, happy, fun, non-angsty episode. Whooooo-hooooo! Parker is the cutest thing ever and no, even I'm not sick enough to ship Angela/Parker, although I'd love them to have more scenes together.

I'm still not clear on why the Rotating Intern show goes on, but I loved the whole thing with the accent and all of a sudden that actor is hot to me. Brillian.

Sociologists vs Shrinks is awesome.

The Mint was a little quiet because Sebastian was having his summer Karaoke party, taking a lot of the regulars away. I sang a few songs and worked on fic.

Not sure who's showing up for House-Party tonight, but once again I'm looking forward to the episode. Hopefully there'll be a ratchet upwards of H/W tension to go with the follow through from last week's FCC plot...one more shot of Chase's chest wouldn't be amiss either.

And I also have to start tackling a massive pile of dishes.
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