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Happy House day, Houseketeers!

I'm still pretty unspoiled for tonight and looking forward to the ep.

Thanks to TIVO and the multiple reruns from our friends at FOX and USA I'm able to go back and forth between episodes and seasons without having to move my rotundus ass from the couch to get the DVDs out. I was watching "Maternity" the other night and absolutely blown away by the yummyliciousness that is Season 1 RSL as well as the magic chemistry between Hugh&Bobby. It's not just the weight, folks. Season one, RSL practically glowed, as you might say. Hair, skin, shirts (I'm talking to you Michelleann). He looked amazing. WTF happened? I'm not saying he's still not delicious and delightful or that I'd kick him out of my bed, but really...not the same boy at all these days.

I wonder if the H/W slash fandom would be as intense and vociferous as it is if RSL hadn't looked so incredibly young and gorgeous in the first season.

Other interesting point in "Maternity" for you Wil/Cam shippers, if you're out there. Wilson calls her "Allison" when he's criticizing her for not giving full info to Chen/Lupino couple. I wonder if there was ever meant to be a Wilson/Cam hookup. If you put together "Maternity," "Acceptance" and a few others, you could almost see it.

The slash is also alive and well pretty much any time HL and RSL are even on the same set. If anyone's feeling uninspired by what TPTB have been dishing up lately, I strongly recommend pulling out your Season 1 DVDs and remembering why we fell in love with this show in the first place.

I also was able to sit through most of "Fools For Love" and "Son Of Coma Guy" for the first time in awhile. There was so much incredible acting by Hugh/RSL and David Morse, I'm ALMOST willing to forgive. On the other hand, I'm less impressed with John Laroquette's performance than I was the dozen times I watched it. The montage at the end of "Fools For Love" is absolutely amazing, especially since it ends up giving us Hugh's belly and that "Walter Reed" song.

Did you see this week's TV GUIDE? No they have not published an abject apology for leaving Hugh, RSL, Jesse & Omar off the "Sexy" list and none of the letters complaining about omissions mentioned our boys, but there was a quite of bit of Housiness abounding, including a discussion of whether the show has Jumped the Shark, a mini-interview with Jen (picture from the cover shoot, same dress) about who she admires and what she's reading etc, a story about the "Band From TV" featuring Hugh, Greg Grunberg and others. They've done an DVD/CD which is a fundraiser for something (epilepsy, I think) and there's also a large ad in there for the CD as well.

Most interesting was the recap for the last two weeks which includes something spoilery we'll have to talk about behind the cut.

They were talking about "Top Secret" and stated emphatically that the pee problem was caused by House's Vicodin use. Did you guys get the impression that was definitely the case? I thought Wilson was saying it was, but there was no proof to that effect and House was clearly insisting it wasn't, so it was meant to be ambiguous. The question is whether TV guide is getting their info from watching or if this is the straight dope as dispensed by TPTB.

If I owe you a drabble for Stump The Writer, I will get it done this week.
The challenge is still open.
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