karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Rainy Days and.....Tuesdays?

The morning so far:

Woke up with a sugar hangover to the sound of pouring rain.
Hubby arrives home soaking yet.
I face the mirror-not a pretty picture.
I have to run out looking for frozen dinners for hubby because I went to Safeway last night, but totally flaked out on the Lean Cuisine. I get wet doing this and both "corner stores" are closed.
I come home, advise hubby there are two Lean Cuisines in the freezer, although they're not his faves. There's also hot dogs and left-over pizza in the fridge. He'll manage.
Walk to Bart station-get wet.
BART delay and I've got no reading material and I'm not carrying my Ipod.
Following delay, I managed to flake out in my own head and miss my BART stop. I think I was mulling my yuletide requests.
Arrived at West Oakland-ran out-got wet-got on BART going back to San Francisco and had ANOTHER BART delay.
Arrived at Embarcadero station and got on escalator. Escalator stopped half way up.


I've decided to spend it obsessing about my LJ Scrapbook. I've done a bunch of really random picture uploading over the last three years. Most of my pictures are listed as being in FB_in. I'm trying to make a real gallery and move everything over there but it's not working. For some reason the scrapbook doesn't recognize the gallery even after I've saved it.

I hate being a technodork. I really, really hate it.
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