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Monday Morning Vacation Pimp Post-Part 1 Communities etc

torchwood_decaf. For all your Torchwood fics featuring any pairing other than Jack/Ianto, as well as Gen fic that does not have any J/I in it.

ppth_support, The Unusual Suspects is still open for business, offering the opportunity to post fics about guest stars, supporting characters, or those who live only by mention in House MD. This weeks Drabble Challenge is devoted to Clueless. Plenty of fabulous characters to choose from. You KNOW you want to do a drabble about Wilson's Maid or the Herpes Couple.

starks_lab-Eureka community devoted to Nathan Stark.

Voting is still open at the Children of Time Awards

alias_slash! The fandom may have died out, but I'll never give up on my OTP (Jack/Vaughn) and if you're inspired to produce any slash fics for any pairings please feel free to go over and post.

omni_fiction. As the Halloween and gift exchange period kicks in, don't forget about omni_fiction as another place to post your fics, especially those in smaller fandoms, or featuring less popular pairings. Remember, warnings are completely optional, aside from color coding for Green/Yellow/Red.

yuletide!!! Nominations now open for fandoms!

Appropos of nothing...an awesome link sent to me by an unknown benefactor:
Literary Map of San Francisco

Quintosensuous-The Quincest Livejournal Fan Community
Devoted to Zachary Quinto, Joe Quinto and their involvement in each other's business (A Zach/Joe Fan Community)

cheer_and_fly-That's right, Claire Bennett & Nathan Petrelli! It's hot, it's evil and I love it.

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