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Monday Morning Vacation Pimp Post-Part 2-Stories


A Jack/Owen (YAY OTP!) Kiss fic written for me by remindmeofthe

Standing In by lefaym.
Jack/Gwen (YESSSS!) Includes spoilers for CoE-takes place between Day 4 and 5 and slots totally in to what I think must have happened based on the emotional connection that was extremely obvious at that point. Although some read it differently, and the author and I may disagree slightly, I still take Jack's actions here as real!Jack.

Beautifully written fic, which leaves plenty of potential for future J/G going forward. (Fanon or canon, take your pick.)

Nurture by 51stcenturyfox
Ianto/Alien tentacle porn.
Very cute.
Always happy to see Ianto getting some, as long as it's ABJ!

CSI-Crime Scene Investigation

Book Lover by tres_mechante

A fic from mmom that I only recently got around to reading. Doc Robbins finally gets some action. Nice and fun and a bit kinky with a great twist ending.


Sins of the Fathers by samstjames

Part 1 is HERE, and the fic is now continued with Part 2

I love this fic because it's got real!Jack to the max in all his amoral glory, even to the point of possible squickiness due to a lack of incest taboo. F/Y/I-Gwen is NOT his daughter in the fic, so it's not a father/daughter incest story, but it's close. Part 2 picks up the story after with Jack's post-CoE return to earth to deal with the results of his actions in the previous story. Very intense scenes with Gwen and Rhys, and yes, Jack is a bastard of the highest order. (OH HOW I LOVE HIM!)



Waiting For The Night to Fall by katsfic

A nice example of good, dirty, hot, and so-so wrong, but I can't stay away from it, Claire/Nathan fic.

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