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House Babble for Brave Heart


hllangel, michelleann68, and evila_ann in attendance.

Talk about playing to every possible shipper fan base and give them all something.

House/Wilson----Do I even need to lead the chorus? They love each other, House desperately wants to fuck Wilson and vice versa…BUT emotionally, they’re still not able to reach other and they will (say it with me) always end up hurting each other. Wilson needs to talk to Amber and throws it in House’s face that she makes him feel better. When he does try to reach out, House rejects him. They can only communicate by trying to play each other. I love them so much. That’s my House and Wilson in glorious Technicolor.

Notice how immediately they did the belly-button lint joke...and then walked away from it. :)

Once again TPTB attempt to remind us that House and Wilson are not sleeping together, and could they have possibly put anymore pictures of Amber onto that set? Sheesh. But the tension when House opened the door to Wilson's bedroom and clearly wanted in? OH YEAH BABY!

ALSO---Allow me thank the writers for having House talk to his father, thereby IMAO completely disproving the abuse lie from ODOR. You expect me to believe he’d even pretend to talk to the old man if any of that were true? I say HA! House lied to SRV. End of story. John may have been a cold bastard, but he never laid a glove on young Greg.

Whoooooo-hooooooo. And while I’m happy-dancing. NO FUCKING NEWBIES. Not a single Taub or 13 sighting or mention. Did anybody miss them? Really?

House/Cameron-It’s a crumb, but at least they went to the trouble of throwing it, which means they acknowledge the fanbase and the chemistry is still there. Cam had 90% awesome episode and one MAJOR STFU when she was poking her nose into the situation with the kid, but it wasn’t out of character. It’s a very Cam-thing to do. But STFU anyway. (And was it really necessary to put her in the turtleneck of doom? )

House/Chase----Oh my beautiful, tortured, sexy Chase. Elevator sex? Guilt sex? Give me something. Because the fact is I really did believe that House gave a damn about Chase and wanted to help him. Although Donny is a fucking idiot to fall for the scam because that was really badly played all around.

Tossup as to which is sexier-Drunk!Chase or GuiltyCatholic!Chase. YUMYUMYUM.

Whoever wrote this one is damn good, because every twist got me by surprise. The dyinig. The not dying. One thing…when Chase said he was going to tell the mom that Donny was dead…where did he go? It wasn’t the confession scene. Did he have one of his Que Sera Sera style walkabouts. I was terrified he was gonna do a Danny Messer and sleep with the mom in a big H/C scene. I still have a feeling they cut something out.

House/Foreman-Not a fetish, but they really do play well together when Foreman isn’t acting like a giant dick. The autopsy scene rocked, as did the two of them talking in the apartment.

And finally House/Cuddy. Sigh! First of all, kudos to hair and make up. Lisa E. is a beautiful woman and it really showed this week. No hooker clothes. No bangs of doom. Her hair looked great.

The ship itself---no giving stray medical students the pimping lines doesn’t make it believable any more than it did when it was Wilson or even Chase saying them.

I don’t believe it for the characters given their history and back story.

But you know what I do believe? Hugh Laurie. I believe Hugh when he lowers his eyes and does the sexy voice and says she makes him feel funny. At that moment I believe it with every beat of my heart, much as I don’t want to. Damn you, Hugh Laurie.

Now that I get my House/Wilson and my FCC back, NO NEWBIES! and awesome scripts…naturally it’s time for a hiatus.


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