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beta_goddess has arrived safe and sound!

This is especially awesome as she is the first person I truly bonded with when I came to LJ, and we've been together as Beta-ee/Beta, House-fraus, Jools-lusters Real!Jack-lovers, Barrowmaniacs, and actual friends for what will soon be four years! She is even more fabulous in person than on-line, and I'm looking forward to an awesome week of Squeeeeeeee as I show her my beautiful city.

I'll be checking LJ consistently, but may not comment as much. Or I'll wait to comment on longer posts until I have a chance to re-read them at work next work.

I dragged her into my bed-room last night. (Heheheh) So we could re-watch Brave Heart together. (She hadn't seen the last 20 minutes yet.) I won't spoiler cut, but we both agree on the two major points that I took as vindication of my vision regarding House/Wilson and House's father. (Also that Lisa E. looked stunning and that Cameron should not be made to wear the turtle-neck of doooooooom ever again.)

I also "introduced" her to Keith Olbermann. (She liked him.) I didn't have a tivo-ed episode of Rachel, so instead of played some Youtube clips include the Rachel/Ana Maria "Teabagging" stuff.

My plan for today is "downtown" including Union Square, Chinatown and North Beach. Then maybe I'll take her to the Mint.

I'm so happy! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
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