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Touring with beta_goddess!

Downtown San Francisco
Includes Lotta's Fountain, Union Square, Chinatown, Northbeach, where we ate lunch at Zoetrope, Transamerica building, Embarcadero Center, Vaillancourt Fountaina and the Ferry Building. We walked over to the Bow, and then back to the Ferry Building from which we took a ferry to Sausalito, walked around a bit and missed the next ferry back. We spent some time talking to a crazy person with a very cute Dachshund who told us Jesus came into his heart when he was 16 and that the Red & Gold Ferry would accept our Golden Gate Ferry tickets, which turned out to be true.
The Red & Gold Ferry took us back to Fisherman's Wharf. It took forever to find a cab, so we ended up walking enough of "tourist hell" for me to declare her card stamped, so we don't need to cover any of that again.

Book mural by the Mint
Bicycle Mural behind Safeway
Church Street-SF Railway thru time Mural
Mission Dolores (where we found something very interesting)
The Bird Mural
Maestrapeace (The Woman's Building)
Lunch at Woodhouse Seafood
Castro Street
Pedicures at Minna Nails.
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