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Another fabulous day with Beta_Goddess

The weather continues to be insanely gorgeous!

We chilled out in the AM and headed out around 11ish.

First we stopped at Crepevine for some brunch and then caught the 22 Fillmore down to the Marina.
We walked from Marina Green to Crissy Field. Lots of happy dogs playing in the sand as well as the plovers and other protected birds in the restored habitat areas. We got up on the Bridge and it was totally spectacular. The best miracle occured when we actually got a cab out of there near Fort Point rather than having to walk all the way back to Fillmore Street.

We have a very loquacious, opinionated cab-driver, but our tired legs and feet didn't care a bit.

More chill out time and then Hubby joined us for dinner at Il Cantuccio. GREEN STUFF!!!!!! Gnocchi with Puttanesca sauce. Carol had Fetuccini with Salmon and hubby had a tartuffi tataglia. As always, sheer perfection.

Then we caught a cab to Sutter and Van Ness and I finally sprang the surprise on Carol. We were seeing "What A Wonderful World," the San Francisco Gay Men's Choir Cabaret Show hosted by Donna Sachet. Awesomeawesomeawesome! My buddy Frank (from the Mint) did a KICK-ASS version of "Save The Country" by Laura Nyro.

The program ranged from show-tunes to ballads to pop standards to a few I didn't even recognize. The boys are so great. Also DUDE!!! Donna Sachet! How cool is that?

Great day. Great show. Great night! Great Birthday!

Thanks to all who sent greetings or just good vibes. There will be a full acknowledgment when I get a chance, but know that all your good thoughts are appreciated. I'm a very lucky girl with an awesome hubby, a fabulous f-list and a ton of people I met on-line and can also consider "real life" friends as well.

Special thanks to [info - personal] hllangel for my newest Icon---OBAMA PUPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!
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