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Housebabble-Supplementary edition.

Because I'd rather think about House than anything that's going on in my Real Life right this second.

On further examination, Wilson definitely does know about Robin's line of work before he makes the phone call. The lightbulb goes on pretty emphatically when Robin says she just met Fran today. I really gotta give RSL some kudos week. Very subtle. Even when he said "I'm an idiot," there was none of that playing to rafters stuff. I thought he was wonderful with both Robin and Fran.

I could have lived without the "I thought I was being punished for leaving, but I was being punished for coming back" routine. That made no sense whatsoever. She wasn't being punished for anything. Also, maybe a little over-kill on the doing mescal shots, snorting cocaine off a gay man's stomach and having sex with El Gordo. Probably the most gratuitous obligatory gay reference ever, but maybe worth it for the way RSL played Wilson deliberately controlling his reactions.

I'm still not sure how I feel about Wilson completely NOT acknowledging the FCC hi-jinks whether it was the Foreman trying to make the kids behave or the Chase/Cam gigglefest. I get that he's able to focus on the patients without being distracted the way House is, but he's also the guy who loves to talk about other people's sex lives. If there isn't some kind of House/Wilson gossip moment next week, I will be sorely disappointed.

RSL is definitely looking better and his blue-shirt, fore-arms in evidence was delightful.

Looking forward to next week.

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