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The Bay Bridge is Closed! (And it's all about meeeeeeeeee!)

Seriously though. Apparently bits and bobs from the Labor Day fix up have started falling down and hitting cars. OOPS!

Bay Bridge Closes After Repairs Fall Apart

Possibly Because of Outsourcing

Strangely enough, I actually thought I was going to drag myself in late this morning, but ended up getting to work just after 830AM. Steven was there anyway. I offered to switch shifts with him until this is resolved, since he lives in the East Bay, but he declined.

So the MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME part...one can assume they will NOT have this mess fixed by Halloween on Saturday. The plan was for me to go to the East Bay on Saturday afternoon, so Sebastian can do my hair and make-up and then we'd go back to the City together....OVER THE BAY BRIDGE. That's not gonna happen. Sebastian probably won't come into the City under the circumstances, which sucks. However, because of parking, he wanted to go in a bit earlier than I did. So I may go over later in the day to get the hair and make up done and then come back to the City on BART, by which time it will be darker and more people will be out in costume.

There's nothing that makes you feel stupider than being out in costume (such as a Capp St. Whore) at 4 in the afternoon on a sunny afternoon, with NO ONE ELSE IN COSTUME anywhere to be seen.

Which reminds me, we should never have let beta_goddess leave town. The weather has returned to cold and gloomy since her departure. It's more normal, but I miss the sunshine.


And now, a "subtle message" from the Governator
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