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Well that was fun....as in totally not!

A few minutes after I posted the Bay Bridge story, say around 930AM. I suddenly got hit with an attack of dizzyness and nausea. Long time readers of this space will remember THIS POST which took place back on April 14, 2007 and involved a similar attack putting me in the emergency room.

This time, I immediately recognized the symptoms and knew exactly what I needed: the Meclizine that was sitting at home in the medicine chest. I went downstairs and got a cab home, ran up, got the pills and had the driver take me back here. Unfortunately, it took awhile for the drugs to kick in and I spent nearly two hours with my head down on the desk, unable to even look at the computer for two seconds, and fearing that I'd totally have to go home and leave my co-worker to man the fort again.

And then...suddenly...the Meclizine kicked in and it was over. SO FUCKING WEIRD! It's only happened maybe two times at the most since the emergency room incident, which is why I still have most of the original prescription, but it's scary that it comes out of nowhere and I have no idea what triggers it.

Obviously I need to carry some Meclizine with me at all times, or at the very least, leave some here in the office just in case. The cab ride home was not fun at all, with me doubled over, moaning in pain, and the driver no doubt convinced I was about to hurl all over his cab. I thought it might happen too.

Now I'm fine and even ready to eat something.

Go figure.
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