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Life is never dull in the Mission

Valencia Jumper Talked Down

This drama was going on when I got home last night. Glad to hear that it got resolved. There was lots of rubber-necking going on in the area, but I couldn't actually see the guy myself and I was too tired to hang around gawking.


Life is Never Dull on the Internet.

If you're still following the Post-CoE fallout, you've probably seen this already, but just in case you actually have a life...

Death by Torchwood

Yes, it's another piece about YOU KNOW WHAT! It's from AfterElton. The writer, Polina Skibinskaya, has an interesting interpretation, which I don't necessarily buy into 100% but along the way she totally gets exactly what I've said all along regarding YOU KNOW WHO. So much so, that one of the coffe-bagging AGAers seems to think I might have written it. Wouldn't that be fabulous? Me getting writing gigs on AfterElton? Remind me to send them my portfolio.


Life Is Never Dull in Travel

Because so many of the major airline hubs in the US are built in cities that are prone to weather situations. Thus today we have THE DRAMA IN COLORADO, where it shockingly appears there might be a bit of snow, and one of my clients is freaking out about his flight getting canceled and asking me to book multiple back-up flights which is a big NO-NO!

It's gonna be a fun day. I can tell.

And a hearty FUCK YOU to Joe Lieberman
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