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Action Meme

Ganked from holmes221b

Comment to this post, and I will give you three actions and you talk about them: how did you learn to do that, how good are you at it, and whether you like/don't like to do them.

She gave me the following:

dancing, reading, and watching tv.


I can't. I want to. I've taken lessons in modern, tap, and ballet at various times and I'm just not good at it. No flexibility. No ability to memorize steps. No grace. Just not a dancer. But the problem is when I hear music, I want to move. So I basically end up dancing like Elaine on Seinfeld and we all know how horrible that is. Really, just pathetic. The best I can say is that I dance like a white girl.

2. Reading

Always. Forever. The one thing that scares me the most about my advancing decrepitude is the wear and tear on my eyes and the fear that I might not be able to some day.
I was always in the back of the room in school reading a book in my desk instead of what I was supposed to be paying attention to, usually something completely age-inappropriate.

I come from a family of readers and writers, and was always brought up to love words.

I don't get through a lot of books anymore due to my fanfic obsession, but I'm always reading a New Yorker or fanfic, or the paper or something. My absolute horror would be to trapped on my desert island without reading material.

3. Watching TV
Yes, I'm a tv junkie, although with my internet obsession, and immersion in fanfiction, gmail, twitter, etc. it's rare that I'm paying full attention to any one thing anymore.

A few TV high-lights from my life:
Being OBSESSED with Robert Urich as Dan Tana on Vega$, ditto for Robert Conrad as Pappy Boyington on Black Sheep Squadron, Star Trek fandom in the 70's, freaking out when I thought Howard Hunter had shot himself in the head on Hill Street, getting totally into Twin Peaks and then being traumatised by the ending so much that I didn't watch Network television for years afterwards. Coming back to TV for CSI. Finding House MD almost by accident and googling House/Wilson slash which brought me to LJ. Falling in love with John Barrowman and Captain Jack, especially the first time I saw Empty Child/Doctor Dances and then the first time I saw CJH. Getting hooked on NCIS while hubby was in the hospital for the 2nd accident.

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