karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Whooooo-hoooooo---YULETIDE Is offering amnesty!

From a posting today to yuletide_admin:

Due to changes in the wind for Yuletide, and because we're just feeling like it, this year we've decided to extend amnesty to anyone who has previously defaulted or been banned from Yuletide.

What this means:

# If you defaulted in any past year and were asked to finish your original assignment and/or write one or more NYR stories and have not done so


# if you were banned in any previous year

you will now be able to sign up for Yuletide 2009.

As long as you write the story you are assigned in 2009 and have it uploaded before the upload deadline, you will be eligible to participate in the future, as well.

However, if you default this year and have a history of this kind of defaulting or banning, you will be banned in future.

In case anyone was holding back due to a previous banning...you are now free and clear to sign up for this year.
Tags: happydancing, yuletide

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