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Tell me now, what more do you need?

Take me to Walter Reed tonight.

(Or at least Davies Medical Center)

Another post that was supposed to be a happy dance, but ended up with something else.

Those of you who’ve been following my Perils of Pauline existence will remember that before I had my two individual “Hi there, I’m a ditz” moments resulting the temporary loss of my wallet and permanent loss of my pocketbook, I managed to lose my cell-phone and failed to report it for 48 hours leading to an $1100.00 phone bill in calls to Iraq.

(And I didn't even tell you my person "Tritter" moment getting pulled over for jay-walking while I was running last Saturday.)

I spent most of Thursday banging my head against the wall of polite individuals well-trained to sound sympathetic while reminding me of the contract which says that if I don’t call to have the number suspended, then any calls made on it on my responsibility. However a few of them also said “and of course, there’s no way to prove you didn’t make those calls to Iraq.”

My father instilled a few pieces of wisdom in me and one is “Don’t take no for an answer.” I finally got one of the polite people to give me the email and fax # of the President of T-mobile. I wrote a letter that said, more or less, “Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope,” as well as pointing out that my bill had never had a call to Iraq before the time it was missing and the calls stopped as soon as I got a new phone and suspended the other one. I also said my husband was furious, thereby implying I might be the victim of domestic violence if they didn’t take the charges off the bill.

I got a call from a very nice woman at T-mobile at about 11:00AM yesterday saying they were removing the $1100.00 from the bill.

Major happy-dancing ensued. I tried to call hubby, but he wasn’t at home and didn’t answer his cell-phone. (Which I’ve since learned wasn’t working.)

About an hour later, my ears felt clogged, as though I were on a plane. Sometime after that I started feeling world-spinning dizzy. I thought air and food might help, but things kept getting worse. By the time I got back to the office, I was holding onto walls to stand up and then I couldn’t do anything but sit with my head down on the desk. Looking at the computer made it worse. Looking at anything made it worse.

I made one staggering run to the ladies room and puked. Came back and moaned on my desk some more. Another bathroom run. More puking. More trying to call hubby. More nothing. Tobie said I should go home and she’d take care of stuff. I tried to remember everything that still needed ticketing. The last two things I managed to do were sign out of google and clear out the history in Explorer just in case I was super sick and someone else had to use my computer on Monday. Unfortunately I couldn’t hold it together long enough to get tell-tale printouts off my desk.

By the time I got downstairs, I couldn’t stand up. I was bent over with nausea, dizziness and photophobia (Thank you House!) I tried to get the security desk to call me a cab, but they more or less talked me into calling the EMTS. Mind you this was Friday afternoon, the 13th so it took them a while to show up. When they did there was a bit of bumpety bump as they put me into a transfer chair to get me into the ambulance, which triggered, guest what? MORE PUKING. All over my coat, jacket, handbag, etc.

At least this meant they knew I was not fucking around about the nausea. In the ambulance, they put me on oxygen, stuck the sticky things on my torso and started an IV. I also gave them my cell and they managed to get in touch with Mr. Karaokegal and give him the scoop. I told them to take me to Walter Reed Davies and he said he’d meet me there.

By the way, if you ever need an emergency room in San Francisco, Davies Medical Center on Castro Street and 15th is the place. It’s like checking into a Ritz Carlton. From the time they rolled me, life got better, including a darkened room and warm blankets.

Hubby met me there and was worried, but wonderful.

I even got a CT Scan (although not an MRI of Doooooom). The gave me Zofran for the nausea and when that kicked in enough for me to hold down pills, I got Meclizine for the dizziness.

They discharged me at about 7PM with prescriptions for more Meclizine and Compazine suppositories. I knew I wouldn’t need them. I’ve had maybe two or three of these things in the last four to five years. The chance that it would happen again right away-NIL!!!

But hubby being hubby the RN insisted on getting prescriptions filled and then coming home and making me chicken noodle soup and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I went to sleep at about 11:00PM (still writing my House/Alias crossover in my head) and slept for nearly 12 hours. And (surprise, surprise) woke up feeling just fine.

We had a lovely day including brunch at Chow, going to Psycho-sis’s place to celebrate her birthday and seeing a cool movie at the Roxie called “Sound Of The Soul” about a spiritual music festival in Morocco.

Final tally on the week, wallet returned, Iraq phone bill wiped out, and three hours in he ER.

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