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Three hours and counting....

Just got back from the Roxie where we saw The Yes Men Fix The World which was so fucking awesome and hopeful and happy making. I love those guys so much. It's interesting to see it a week after the Michael Moore movie, which according to hubby, was a total downer. Michael shines the light on the corruption and greed. The Yes Men do something similar, but it also leads to people laughing AND taking action.

Afterwards there was a Q&A with one of the Yes Men as well as a guy from Rainforest Action Network.

Apparently there was some Zombie Action taken today against Chase in return for their subsidizing of Moutain Top Removal Coal Mining.

I need to buy some make-up for tomorrow. Sebastian says to come over around 1245PM and we're going to come into the city the long way around. Either way---Halloween is ON!
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