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Leaving soon for Oakland...

Looks like Sebastian is going to drive into the City...the long way round.

I STILL can't decide if I'm going with a sparkly red top under my black velveteen "rock star" shirt or a loose, soft blue flowy blouse. I'm leaning toward red/sparkly, but Sebastian will probably have the final vote. Everything else is in place, including a strap on my electric guitar, thanks to Hubby.

Gotta get out of here NOW so I can hit Walgreens and pick up make up including lipstick in various shades since apparently the lipstick color gets decided by the blouse color.

This is why I gave up on make-up as an everyday thing YEARS ago.

Keep partying, keep reading, keep commenting. (Everybody worked really hard, and I want lots of goodies to be spread around.)
Tags: come as you're not, come as you're not 2009, halloween, halloween 2009

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