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Rise & Shine-Come as You're Not - Day 2

And here are The Rascals to tell us It's a Beautiful Morning, which based on the view out my window seems to be the case.

New food supplies are coming in.

For those just getting up we have pastries from Tartine

If it's Tea Time, we've got multiple teas and which ever tea service you'd like from Samovar Tea Lounge

And if it's din din you're hankering for, I've got a full line of tacos, burritos, enchiladas etc from La Cumbre

The local Mariachis may also be stopping by to play some music.

And by special request of mad_jaks...OREOS!!!

With lots of cold milk, regular, chocolate and soy-milk as needed.

Please re-check the Main Party Post, as new party-goers have been arriving in some fabulous costumes, and I know others are frantically sewing on sequins and will be arriving shortly.

Keep partying, keep reading, keep commenting.
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