karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

And it's Daybreak, if wanna believe....Come As You're Not-DAY 3

And here's Barry to sing it for us.

The party rolls on. New fics have been posted and I know some folks are still sewing seqins, working on their hair, and they will be here by the end of the week.

So please, keep checking the Main Post, keep reading, and keep commenting.

Since I'm back at work today, food will consist of salads from mixtgreens and sandwiches and pastries (OMG THE BROWNIES ARE TO DIE FOR!!!) from Specialtys

I ran out to gym this morning and seem to have missed a visit from some of my fans. *Waves at fans.* They're not the sort to leave comments, but I hear they made quite a run at the bar, or maybe it was just the cute omni-sexual bartenders.

By the way, is anyone interested in a big Post-party Come as You're Not Meta Post when this is all over? Or will you just be staggering away with your ret-con and your goodie bags and not want to think about it again until next year?
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