karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Wake up, Wake up, You Sleepy Head-Come As You're Not - Day 4

This is tomorrow calling....Wishin` you were here.

The Bay Bridge is OPEN!!!! (Watch out for big falling chunks.)

This means we can go on a ROAD TRIP to the East Bay.

I've made dinner reservations for the whole gang tonight at Chez Panisse.

That way, I can I have a cleaning crew come in for some prelimary work, as I gotta say, the place is getting a bit ripe. Also, the omni-sexual bartenders needs some...(ahem) rest.

In the meantime please welcome our newest arrival aeron_lanart to the party and check out her adorable Merlin costume.

Merlin is making a good showing this year with three stories, so far.

Keep reading, keep commenting, and please be ready for the field trip tonight. The van leaves promptly at 630PM.
Tags: come as you're not, come as you're not 2009, halloween, halloween 2009

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