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This day in my LJ archive Meme

Adapted from a post by morganmuffle

Go through your archives and tell us what you were posting about on this day of each year that you've had an LJ account.

One year ago was Election Day. I started out the day paranoid and ended it ecstatic and in state of shock. I pimped mad_jaks' consci_fan_mo community and did the Perp Walk meme. There was also a playlist for the Come As You're Not party. I still need to go back and fix all those links, since they are songs I lost when I flaked out on my Sendspace subscription.

Two years ago, I posted Halloween pics from the Mint, including myself as Judy Garland.
I need to post this years pics. Will do so this evening.

Three years ago-no post! I was a much less compulsive LJer back then. (The following day, I recced some House/Tritter fic. The arc itself was horrible, but some very intense and dark fic certainly came out of it.)

That's it because I started my LJ account in December of 2005, after spending the previous three months glued to computer at work reading through the archives of house_slash.
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