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I may be over-reacting, but it's been a lousy news-day and I need something happy to SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE about.

I'm on day three off sugar, but I'm not feeling really happy or secure with that right now.

A hearty FUCK YOU to voters in New Jersey, Virginia and especially Maine.

The one bright spot is the NY23 election. Normally I don't like to use the phrase cock-sucker pejoratively. (I think Lenny Bruce had the last word on that.) But I was quite worried that the mother-fucking Palinite cock-suckers were going to win that one by driving the actual Republican out of the race because she happened to be sane a moderate, or in their words, a RINO.

The worst part is that I tend to associate the political outcomes I care about with other issues in my life that have nothing to do with politics and may be utterly frivolous. It's a weird kind of magical thinking and I honestly can't stop it.

But if the worst thing possible happens in the frivolous area I'm thinking of, you'll know that I predicted it here first.
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