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Sunday Girl

I know I still have to do a post about Halloween, including pictures, but I'm tired and lazy right now. However, a few fun things about Sunday that I don't want to forget.

For one thing I promised Hubby I'd spent all day with him instead of going to the Mint in the afternoon. Considering that the previous weekend we'd had beta_goddess here all last week and that Saturday I was gone most of the day doing Halloween, it wasn't an unreasonable request.

We wanted to go to a movie, but he also needed to visit Psycho-sis (briefly) and give her some money. So we got a cab and went to Laguna Honda. I waited while he did the drop and then we had the cab take us to Chow for brunch.

OMG---Marian's Pancakes!!! Hubby had the huevos rancheros, but was dissatisfied with amount of black beans involved and ordered a side order with more. I was in the process of hitting a sugar and binging rock bottom so I was kind of numb with food most of the day. But damn, the pancakes were amazing. (They have ricotta cheese inside.)

After that we schlumped around the Castro for awhile, including a stop at Brand X antiques, where he pretty much insisted on buying me a pill box so I can keep some Meclizine with me in my pocketbook, along with some Benedryl and other useful goodies. This was the birthday present which I told him I didn't want since having [info] beta_goddess here and him going to the Mint for my birthday party was my present. Naturally he didn't listen. We settled on a medium sized copper pill box.

Normally, I'm happy to hang out in the Castro, but Sunday was bloody hot and I was schlepping my coat because I hadn't thought it was going to be hot. I was sort of hot and tired and miserable. I made a stop at A Different Light to harass them about not having John Barrowman's new book, or any copies of the old for that matter. I picked up a few 50% off books. I guess they're making space for Christmas stuff.

Then we went to the Castro to see the 3-D version of The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I'd never actually seen before, although I must have seen the reviews when it came out because I kind of knew the plot. I really liked it. Poor Jack! The music was very Kurt Weill/Berthold Brecht and I loved Oogie Boogie. It's fun seeing the pre-Pixar style of animation again, although I'm not sure it gained much with the 3-D. I'm pretty sure the whole re-release is just hype Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Headed home and re-watched Broken. (The House MD season premiere.) It was the first time hubby had seen it. In case you don't know, Hubby works in a medical detox. He had a few quibbles with the technical aspects, but thought the sweating for House's detox was well done. He definitely thought there was no way Captain Freedom would be brought back to Mayfield rather than a medical facility. In spite of that he liked it. Hubby is a sucker for emotional manipulation. On television.

Then we watched the two Heroes episodes and two Numb3rs. Why am I still watching Numb3rs? On the off-chance that David and Colby might actually just go at it right there on screen? Because honestly, I'm sick of emo-whinging from Don & Charlie. The plots are getting dumb and dumber. And Charlie and Amita may be the cutest couple that I never, ever want to see make out on screen again. Ever.

So, back to work. Back to the gym. Back on the wagon.(Sugar.)

I haven't watched Keith or Rachel this week because of the election stuff. Too depressing.

Instead I'm downloading and watching The Thick of It. And desperately wanting a Malcolm Tucker/Rahm Emmanuel curse-off.
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