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TWO MORE DAYS TO GO!!!! Come As You're Not- Day 5

And here's the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus to help us get up and start partying again: (Look for my friend Frank to be singing one of the solos.)

We've had some new arrivals since yesterday, and donutsweeper has put on a second costume that has me tingling with delight, so please check the Main Party Post so you don't miss out on anything.

It's Sushi night tonight, which means we'll also be having a field trip to the Mint! No you don't HAVE to sing, but if you're inclined, let me know what so I can make sure they have it queued up for you.

Also, remind me which colors you'd like your "I Survived CAYN 2009" with the rainbow glitter writing to be in, so I have them ready for the last day.

Keep reading, keep commenting, keep partying. (Remember to read as you're not, if at all possible. I promise we have ret-con and brain-bleach if necessary, but you can't have it until after you comment.)
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