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Happy House Day-I'm at skip 220!

Because most of my weekend time at home was spend reading the Come As You're Not fic or doing some writing of my own. I've reached a point where I can either check LJ or do anything else. And this is after taking most of the fic comms OFF my reading filter. Not sure what to do about this, except that I think there has to be resolution for next year to be off-line a little more when I'm at home, if only to save my rapidly deteriorating eyesight.

I'm happy to report that today marks one week back off sugar and that aside from Saturday, I've worked out every day or walked to work. It's a good feeling and my next big goal is The Kaiser Half Marathon on February 7.
You will probably see a lot of training posts in the interim. Like the fact that I went out for two hours yesterday and covered just over 6 miles.

Saturday, we picked up Hubby's new bicycle, went to brunch at Samovar, picked up a big-ass macho lookinig bolt-cutter at Cliff's and went to the movies.

I was pretty much inclined to love this JUST for the cast: George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey. Plus I knew a bit of the background of the story and was interested in that as well. Not suprprisingly, I really liked it. I just LOVE how George Clooney is willing to let himself look utterly ridiculous, which he did a lot of the time. There were some very bad wigs involved and the dancing has to be seen to be disbelieved. He does some fairly cringeworthy stuff and ends up loveble anyway, as he was in Oh, Brother. Bridges can be the corporate bad guy from Iron Man or The Big Lebowski. Here, he was way more Lebowski and very lovable as well.

McGregor was pretty good, but his American accent slipped a few times and he just seemed in over his head, but that was appropriate for the role anyway. (B/T/W, has anyone seen Amelia yet? McGregor and Eccleston in the same movie, for what I assume is the first time since Shallow Grave, although I don't know if they have any scenes togther.)

Also, it's completely hysterical for Ewan McGregor to be in a movie that is chock full of Jedi Knight references and to have to actually ask on screen "What is a Jedi?"

Clooney and McGregor both show a bit of tush, and someone else who I don't know has a full frontal. I don't know why I'm mentioning this. It's not like we haven't all seen McGregor's tush and more at least once.

Anyway, I loved it.

Back home we caught up on Heroes, Bones, and Numb3rs, none of which really rated their own babble.

Sunday, I did my training run while Hubby took the new bike out for a test ride. He said it was fine and he felt good about it. I made supportive, enthusiastic noises while continuing to worry.

I went down to Mina to get my goddess nails done and a pedi. Luxury. Sitting in the massage chair, getting my footsies rubbed and listening to Stephen Fry read The Hippopotamus on my Ipod.

We watched Rachel on Meet The Press, and gave her a BIG YAY for being the only one to bring up the Stupak ammendment during the discussion of the health care bill.

I went up to the Mint at 4PM. We had a nice small group including Peggy, Sebastian, Yanni, Stuart and Andy. My old pal Marilyn showed up. She's been living in Sacramento, but she and fiancee are about to spend six months in Corona. It was nice seeing her. Since it was quiet, I got to do a lot of songs, but the only really memorable performance was me and Yanni attempting "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera. I had to sing Christine's part, because Yanni announced, "I'm singing the man" as we took the stage. It was something, let me tell you.
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