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House Babble for Known Unknowns

Somewhat desultory House party attended by michelleann68, hllangel and evil_elf.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the fluffy-wuffy, schmoopy, SEE THEY REALLY LOVE EACHOTHER AND IT CAN WORK OUT, contingent is in hog heaven right now courtesy of St. Doris.

Not me.

I don't appreciate Wilson as the House/Cuddy cheerleader, and while I'm willing to tolerate House drugging Wilson (again) and maybe "saving" his career from this out-of-nowhere plot point about the euthanasia, but I will NEVER cuddle up to Wilson going all gooey over House "telling him it wasn't a bad thing." This is every thing I don't like about new, improved House, almost as much as I want the old hair back.

ETA: The one point where I felt MY H/W angsty-painful love was when House was watching Wilson with the patient and he actually looked jealous of Wilson's attention. The idea that there's always someone or something that Wilson will put ahead of him, whether it's a dying patient or the next girlfriend/wife. Hugh had that LOOK on his face and it was more intense than anything else that happened in the episode with either Wilson or Cuddy.

No, this doesn't mean, I'm on board any H/Cuddy bandwagon. Every thing about that plot-line was atrocious as well, including the scene where Lisa E basically had to shake her boobies and her booty in the camera. The 80's party scene was beyond cringe-worthy and of course all the dialogue about "med school" makes no sense, because some of us still remember what Cuddy told Cameron in Humpty Dumpty.

Hugh's costume almost reminded me a throwback to Prince George in Blackadder.

For a second there I thought the "needs someone there every day" would be an attempt to try Wilson/Cuddy again. Which would have resulted in serious damage to my television set.

Lucas? I didn't even recognize him. I didn't appreciate him doing the Basil Expositon routine and I don't believe this Lucas/Cuddy stuff is anything but a plot point to get to House/Cuddy at some point. All of a sudden a private detective is more reliable than a doctor?

All of it is crap, and I'm really annoyed because things were going so well. FCC, No Newbies, H/W angst-a-roni? Why are they screwing it up. GRRRRRRRRRR

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, I was actually feeling sorry for Foreman just for having to put up with Cameron and Chase. It was hard to care about the case or the patient since clearly the episode wasn't about that. It was all about Cameron being sure the comic book guy was a sleazy scum bag just like she was soooooooooo surrrrrrreeeeee that Chase was having an affair.

Pointless. Trite. Redundant. And yet, Jennifer and Jesse sold it a lot harder than anything that was going on in the House/Wilson/Cuddy/Lucas/Nice Scenery plot.

And at the end, I actually cared about them. I wanted Chase to tell her the truth and I wanted to see her work through it.

If House and Wilson and Cuddy et al are being fanservicey pod-people, then I don't care.

Worst episode of the season so far. And next week....

Note to TPTB: House has his old team. His old team is FCC. Newbies are still Newbies and NOT WANTED. FEH!!!! Do they really think the people they need to hold are the ones who only started with the 5th season? FUCK THAT SHIT!

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