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Dizzy spell-no comments from the Peanut Gallery.

I felt it start about 1/2 hour ago. Thought it might have been low-blood sugar/hunger so I had my morning snack. About 15 minutes ago, I popped the two meclizine I've been carrying around. So far, they haven't kicked in and the room is starting to spin. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! I'm sure they will take effect, but it's going to take time for them hit my bloodstream. I can still keep my head up for the time being, but it feels gross. I'm hoping the pills will work, but I have a feeling I'm going to end up with my head on the desk before it happens.

ETA: I think I'm getting better. I also think the Meclizine may not be doing anything and that I just have to gut it out until the dizziness stops because it feels like the exact amount of time it took to get better last time even though I took the pills much later in the process.

I have next week off and I've made a doctor's appointment for Monday to go in and discuss. Once a year is once thing, twice is three weeks is scary. Upchucking my apple was no fun.

ETA-238PM-Feeling fine. It's all gone.
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