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Just a bit of House-babble, including a guest appearance by my friend Jennifer.

But first, could someone come over to my office and sew a button? My black jacket just popped a button and I'm....what's the word I'm looking for? Helpless.

So, me and Jennifer. We go way, way back. We were writing fanfic together when that consisted of us being on the phone for hours and hours and hours making up stories about Sam Neill's character in Enigma, coming to a small town in New Jersey and falling in love (surprise) with a 16 year old girl who (surprise!) looked just like my friend Jennifer. (She was the pretty one, I was the smart friend.)

This last year she's gotten on the House-wagon with me, but she is most emphatically NOT a slasher. I don't think she's homophobic, per se, but she does not see it at all. Not H/W, not H/Chase, not Cam/Cuddy. NADA. She's never shared my out and out fag-haggish tendancies at all. But that's ok, we love each other, we can disagree.

She loves Hugh, but doesn't find him particularly sexy. I don't think she gets past the whole "Britcom Hugh" thing. She agrees that he's brilliant in the part.

At least she hates Cameron and prays to whatever god she believes in that H/Cameron never comes to be. If she has a ship on the show it's House/Cuddy, which is certainly a reasonable position for someone who doesn't live in our super-heated House-frau on-line enviroment.

OK, here's the scary part: SHE DOESN'T LIKE ROBERT SEAN LEONARD. As in, doesn't think he's at all attractive, and much more alarming, doesn't think he's a good actor. In her words: Out of his league working with Hugh Laurie.

We trade emails the morning after the new episodes and I was literally STUNNED to read this. She usually has impeccable taste in lust-objects and acting assessment. (OK, that crush on Vin Deisel IS kind of weird, but still...) I asked her to clarify and she told me rent "Much Ado About Nothing." She doesn't know that I OWN it and LOVE RSL in that movie and think the only truly bad performance is Keanu Reeves. She went on to say that she didn't like him in Dead Poets Society either. (I have major problems with DPS, but RSL's acting isn't one of them.)

Do you guys know any people in the outside world who actually feel this way? Or has my best friend just gone batshit crazy while I've been 3000 miles away from her?

I really don't have much to add to all your wonderful comments and Metas. I think if anyone has doubted my H/W slashafides, you will be happy to know that during the last H/W scene, all I could imagine was House's heart breaking over the idea of Wilson wanting Cuddy. It never for a minute occurred to me he'd want her for himself or was even pretending to.

But the shippiness that this episode really tickled was my Hugh&Bobby love. RSL looked great and seemed to be having SO MUCH FUN. Hugh's giggling reminded me of the "House, This Is God" scene from "Skin Deep." I just felt like the actors were really enjoying themselves and each other. This is the H/W that made me start writing RPS. I'm close to rating it with "All In," although I'm not sure anything can top "The chicken is in Picadilly Circus."

And speaking of "Skin Deep," it's nice to know that Fox is recycling. The entire bit about the girl possibly being sexually abused and House not wanting to report it and Cuddy going ballistic etc etc. Practically the same exact dialogue. And I love you guys so much I won't even use this as an opportunity to debate the "abuse" in ODOR again.

Apparently the lovely Robin is taking a permanent vaction on the Island of Forgotten Plot Points with Wilson's missing brother, House's peeing problem, and Dr. Julie Whitner. (Robin/Julie Whitner femslash anybody? I'll pay.)

Also nice to know that sex still kills, parents are always stupid/evil (unless they're dwarfs), and you can't get through a House episode without some urine reference.

I called early that the brother's nose-bleed at the beginning was somehow going to be involved, although I wasn't completely right either. I also typed "Dead husband card" to the people I was chatting with, just before House said it.

Hubby the Nurse was impressed either with the girl's acting in stroke scene or however they made it look like it was happening. He thought it was very realistic.

My Jen/Cam-hate was in abeyance this week. She was definitely cute with the kid, although I wondered how the hell she could breath in the ass grabbing scene. Them were some tight pants and I didn't notice any VPN, although I'll have to take another look, possibly several.

That's it for now. I'm sure I'll be pissing (excuse me, peeing) and moaning next week, but right now I'm a happy Housefrau. No new mood fics in the works, but those of you who voted for "Bound & Gagged," (and you know who you are) will be happy to hear that Karaokegal and BGC are on the case.
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