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Dear Yuletide Author

First of all, thanks so much for being a part of the awesome thing that is yuletide. You totally rock just for doing this, and especially writing in any of the fandoms I requested.

If you look at around my LJ at all two things will become very clear, very quickly. I love smut and I love angst. Dark and sad and angsty are all good. You don't have to write hard-core if you're not comfortable with it, but I certainly am.

RPF-New Who.

The other thing you may notice is a certain antipathy toward the character of Ianto Jones from Torchwood which has spilled over to his portrayer. If you are kind enough to write me RPF from the New Who-verse, I BEG YOU, on my hands and knees NOT to include Gareth David-Lloyd. Not very Christmassy, I know, but it's pretty much the ONLY THING I don't want. Any other pairing/combination would be lovely, although I'm going to throw you a challenge and say that I'd really really really love to see some John Barrowman/Eve Myles.

When it comes to RPF and RPS, I especially love to see real-life details and angst. So feel free to throw in anybody's signficant others, families, friends and pets, as well as the genuine anguish or remorse such people would feel about having inappropriate longings towards their co-stars.

Het/Slash/Femslash, are all fine. Barrowman/Simm/Tennant are my fave men with Eve Myles/Catherine Tate/Billie Piper as my top women, but others would be fine as well. (Loves me some Eccleston and wouldn't mind seeing Freema, etc.) ANYTHING but GDL is fine.


State of Play-

First choice would be something dealing with the angsty emotional dynamic between Stephen/Cal and Anne. Slash or het is fine, as long as it acknowledges how much Cal's divided soul.

Hard core smut is awesome, and if you get a threesome going, I'd be thrilled.

Second choice would be something Bell-centric, maybe on the slashy side with any of the other male characters, especially Cal for the Simm/Glenister chemistry.


This is the one place I'd be willing to have less or no Angst, if you were doing the threesome of my dreams with Rachel/Ana Marie and Melissa Harris Lacewell. It doesn't even have to be smutty. If you did the three of them on some fun journalistic adventure or hosting their own show or accomplishing something incredible for the progressive cause. They could have fun together without so much drama, although I'd still like to have real-life details and people in there. If you don't want to work with all three, any combo is welcome as well. I'd really like to see Melissa in there because she doesn't get enough love.

If you decide to feature Keith with any of the MSNBC crew then I'd be more interested in the smutty/angsty side again. Significant others and real life angst are welcome along with references to current events. Colbert, Daily Show or Anderson Cooper are awesome but only in conjunction with Keith. And really it could be Keith with almost anybody. I know I chose Keith and the gals, but if you're a Countdown/Rachel junkie and are familiar with any of the other regulars, I'd be more than happy to see most of them. Chris Hayes, Richard Wolfe, David Schuster, Arianna Huffington etc, as well as Rachel, Ana Marie or Melissa.

Seriously, you have a lot to work with, so if you have personal Keith-ship in the "MSNBC-verse" go for it. (Maybe even some wacky fun with Musto?)



Bill Bailey/Jimmy Carr/Jo Brand/Phil Jupitus

I'd like something a little off the beaten path here. Much as I love Stephen and Alan, I'd like to see some of the other regulars interacting with each other. Maybe some back-stage snark or an adventure/romance away from the show itself. Feel free to include Alan or Stephen, just not with each other. Bonus points for getting Jo some love.

Pretty much what it says on the tin, and those really are my four faves so if you want to work with them and leave Stephen/Alan out all together, that's fine, or have any of them with either Stephen or Alan, that's fine too.

I reallyreally love Jimmy, so if can get him in there, that would be most awesome, but again, you have a fairly large canvass to work with. As always, to me Real Life means Real Life. No one
is off limits, and if there's a bit of angst a long the way, I'll be very hapy.

Thanks again, you wonderful, wonderful, wonderful person.

Love karaokegal
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