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PIMP POST! Hey, you wankers, MMOM is back!

Merry Month of Masturbation!

It's a community devoted to posting a masturbation fic every day for the month of May. Last year's produced some of the hottest things I've ever read as well as some of the most crack-tastic. All fandoms are welcome and you can write in as many fandoms as you wish.

Here's the community info: MMOM

I found out about this last year after it was too late to start, but I'm already planning my fics for this year. I think I want to do a different fandom every day, alphabetically. (Alias, Blackadder, CSI-NY, Deadwood...) If anybody has suggestions for fandoms they'd like me to do, now's the time as the "Stump The Writer" thing seems to be have played itself out, although I'm still taking challengers there as well.

P.S.-I've been remiss in putting together a Master List of fics from the Halloween party. We're coming up on the 6 months anniversary, so I'm still planning to do it.
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