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OK, so I did stretch this morning....a little bit.

And I have next week off. No plans except the doctor's appointment on Monday at 930AM and hopefully a lot of writing. The Yuletide assignments should be coming in soon, so hopefully I'll get a jump on that. I want to finish Chapter of NOVEL 2009, which is about to become NOVEL 2020. I also have one last great Torchwood epic to write, encompassing a bunch of cute little plot bunnies and hopefully fulfilling my outstanding obligations in that department.

Other than that, gym, reading, chillaxing, and karaoke, which is where I get a lot of the writing done anyway.

Did you guys catch Countdown/Rachel/Daily Show/Colbert last night?

1. I think I'm going to have to add Keith/Michael Musto to my shipping list. Nobody embarrasses Keith as adorably as Musto and NOBODY else is willing to unsheathe their claws and take the piss out of Miss California Hypocrite Prejean like Musto. Extra points for seeming to take it for granted that Anderson Cooper is gay. I know we all assume, but since it's still unconfirmed from the man himself, I think it's kind of ballsy to just state it like a fact on air.
2. Now Rachel is doing Glenn Beck imitations. I think Jon's is still the best, but it was adorable to watch Rachel have a go at it.
3. Jane Goodall greeting Jon Stewart like a Chimpanzee. AWWWWWWWWWW
4. Colbert shaving Woody Harrelson's head.

Quite a night!

Hubby had his first fall off the new bicycle. He says compared to a fall off the motorcycle it was like falling on a mattress, but I'm still not thrilled.
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