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Random TV Babble: Heroes, Bones, Numb3rs.


So much to love this week. Matt/Sylar---it just keeps getting better and better in the one upsmanship and snark department as well as *be still my beating heart* Sylar in a suit!!!! That was squeeeeeeworthy right there, as was BAMF Noah, dealing with Becky and throwing out a genuine CLAUDE REFERENCE!!!!! Plus a Hatian appearance and did ever actually know his first name before?

Hell, I was even warming up to "Oh my god!" sorority girl. Boy, I'm a pushover aren't I?

YO ADRIAN!!! Nice to see you, if only temporarily and especially with one of those Nathan/Peter hugs that make it impossible NOT to believe in the Petrellicest. Come on, that's not just fanservice, that's HELLO, WE'RE FUCKING.

Plus bonus Noah/Clairebear and What Would Noah Do?

Hell, I'm even feeling tolerant of Emo!Peter and that's saying something.

Bones-The Dwarf In The Dirt

GORDON!!!!!!!! GORDON & SWEETS!!!!!! GORDON!!!!!

And that's about it. The rest of the plot was lame, and there's just so many scenes of awkward eating, including spitting out potatoes that I can really enjoy. The sandwich scene with Angela was especially stupid, since the business detracted from whatever they were supposed to be talking about, unless that was the point because there was nothing important going on in the scene.


There is something very wrong when an episode features Edgerton and the slashiest part is the David/Colby scene at the end.
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